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Call.invoke( This is often caused by a white space before the XML declaration, but it could be any text, like a dash or any character.

If your input XML is being read as a String (as opposed to byte array) then you can use replace your input string with the below code to make sure that all 'un-necessary' characters before the xml tag are wiped off.

XMLError Error(Unknown Source) at org.apache. XMLError Error(Unknown Source) at org.apache. Fatal Error(Unknown Source) at org.apache. XMLDocument Scanner Impl$Prolog Dispatcher.dispatch(Unknown Source) at org.apache. SOAPEnvelope( at WSDo All Receiver.invoke(WSDo All at org.strategies. Simple Chain.invoke(Simple at org.client. Axis Client.invoke(Axis at org.client. Added: Is that dash in front of your prolog part of the document?

She used it in a servlet which gets XML formatted requests.

The St AX project was spearheaded by BEA with support from Sun Microsystems, and the JSR 173 specification passed the Java Community Process final approval ballot in March, 2004 ( The primary goal of the St AX API is to give “parsing control to the programmer by exposing a simple iterator based API.

This allows the programmer to ask for the next event (pull the event) and allows state to be stored in procedural fashion.” St AX was created to address limitations in the two most prevalent parsing APIs, SAX and DOM.

Generally speaking, there are two programming models for working with XML infosets: streaming and the document object model (DOM).

The DOM model involves creating in-memory objects representing an entire document tree and the complete infoset state for an XML document.

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