Sex aftica

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How do we use theory produced in major northern institutions, and often by established and powerful northern scholars, in Africa?

How does work on and by Africans reshape the international scholarship?

FILE PHOTO | AFP "The message in the painting is simple and clear: the country and everything we fought for before 1994 and post 1994, is constantly and continuously being raped by this rapist president of ours," he told a local radio station.

South Africa recently launched a five-year plan to improve the country’s response to HIV, TB and sexually transmitted infections.

South Africans have criticised a controversial painting that depicts the country’s president Jacob Zuma having sex with anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela.Numerous sex work, public health and gender advocacy organisations have expressed dismay at the recommendations of the long-awaited report on sex work compiled by the South African Law Reform Commission.The report recommends that consensual adult sex work continue to be criminalised or alternatively, that partial criminalisation is implemented.The plan was deemed necessary because of the persistently high rates of infections – the country has the highest TB and HIV rates in the world.Sex workers are critical to the plan because HIV prevalence among them is extremely high.

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