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But seriously, folks – single men of this vintage have masses going for them. If you wait around for him to make the first move you could be waiting a long, looong time. Flutter those eyelashes, open that second bottle of Jacob’s Creek, seductively nibble the leftover salad garnish on his plate.Their duvet covers and pillowcases match (such sophistication, so romance), and their minds are unsullied by Redtube. In terms of how strong you should come on, think ‘Golf Sale’ sign.'I had my first film star crush, aged eight or nine, on William Shatner, (Captain Kirk in Star Trek) while all the girls at school liked Keanu Reeves. I certainly wasn't thinking, "Oh, this is Dad's friend. 'I said: "Yes, we’re having a relationship" and it was clear Dad was unhappy,' she says.And as I grew up I dated men my age and began to think that they were unreliable and childish.'It was August 2009 when, to her surprise, Jay began to see her Dad's friend in a new light. 'It was a few weeks after we'd started confiding in one another. 'He told me that I just liked Anthony because he was being supportive, that I didn't know my own mind.'Ray then challenged Anthony. We had a lot of friends in common and that was difficult. Jay's mother Susan is just a year older than Anthony - she and Ray divorced when Jay was 13 - but after seeing how happy Anthony made her daughter she also gave her approval.Plus they tend to live alone, which means no queueing for the bathroom in the mornings while their weird flatmate is covering 90% of his body with Veet. You’ll actually use your landline To your average forty- or fiftysomething, Tinder is what you use to start fires. They might write you – gasp – an actual love letter.Your new romantic prospect will likely woo you the analogue way, which means entire evenings spent on the sofa waiting for the landline to ring (and dialling 1471 every five minutes just in case you unwittingly blacked out for a couple of seconds and missed a call). Plan your nights out Choose your dinner venues carefully.Ray Urquhart's only child, his adored daughter, was preparing to be a bride, but instead of paternal pride and delight, he felt a queasy sense of dread.Anthony Pettifer, the man Jay was marrying was decent, loyal, hard working. There were two potent reasons; at 51 Anthony was 22 years older than Jay - but more than that, he was also Ray's best friend.

Your date will look at you incredulously when you suggest queueing for a glorified Wimpy, then mispronounce ‘chorizo’ just like your dad does when you order. You will sometimes be mistaken for father and daughter when you’re out and about.Nowadays, at the ripe old age of 27, I often find myself getting involved with chaps in their forties or fifties. They won’t believe you actually fancy them Unless your would-be squeeze is made in the Rex Manning mould, he will be staggered that anyone is taking an interest in him at his time of life – less still a bona fide fox like you.Fortunately, I enjoy looking after window-boxes and griping about how everything on TV is rubbish these days. Such is the premium our shallow society places on unlined faces.Your daughter is gushing over the new man in her life. Daughter moved to a new city after college to pursue her career. Daughters of a single dad may get jealous when he starts dating, and may.You are thrilled to see her so happy and can't wait to meet the person who has brought her such joy. She immediately met a man twice her age (seven years younger than I am). When you're dating a man who has a daughter, chances are high you'll be viewed as a threat.

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