Consolidating school districts pennsylvania

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In Pennsylvania's cities, early charitable schools aimed to mitigate the troubles of growing urban poverty.

Generally, schoolhouses of this period followed the patterns of residential and sometimes religious architecture, with elite academies modeled after elegant Georgian or Federal style homes, wood frame one-room schoolhouses in agricultural regions, and log cabin schoolhouses on the frontier. Built on land donated by Philadelphia merchant Alexander Symington, this fieldstone schoolhouse closely resembles the domestic architecture of late eighteenth century rural southeastern Pennsylvania.

The paper reported that “more than 40 percent of Pennsylvania’s districts have fewer than 2,000 students.

Indiana has consolidated the number of school districts from 1,115 to 293 over the last 57 years.Late last year Maine passed a law to consolidate the state’s school districts down to 80 from its current 290.One small school district in the town of Kittery was recently granted an exemption to remain on its own after unsuccessfully searching for partners.He began his career as a middle school teacher in North Philadelphia through the Teach for America program.Although he lives in Philadelphia, he spends most of his time in either Harrisburg or Pittsburgh.

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