Comcast internet validating identity

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Below is a collection of real-life phishing examples that IT Security has acted upon and notes on what gives them away as email scams.

Subscribe to the Email Scams RSS feed Follow us on Twitter for the latest Email Scams Body: Dear Customer , Your Apple ID will be locked.

Please verify your account information by clicking in the link below Log In Now Sincerely, Apple Support Please retain for your records. SINCERELY, DATABASE ADMIN, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO ©2017 The University of Chicago How you know this is a Phishing Scam: The first thing you might notice is the poor grammar and ALL CAPS odd way the phish is written.

Please see Below For Term And Conditions Pertaining To This Orders. You can find the Apple Store Terms of Sales and Sales Policies by launching your Apple Store Application and clicking. It is not written like a professional email from University of Chicago administrative unit. To help keep you safe, we've blocked access to your inbox, contacts list, and calendar for that, please verify your account to regain access. Verify account now How you know this is a Phishing Scam: This phish tries very hard to convince you that it is trying to help you, but it is doing just the opposite!

We’re working with our league partners to provide all the content we can to you—anywhere and at any time.Each and every time I get the same message from the site I am visiting.The message is strange and I have no knowledge of how to correct the implied problem.Apple ID Summary How you know this is a Phishing Scam: First, it's not even pretending to come from an address. Also, the sender is not coming from a UChicago email address. Illegal attempt to use your account from a different location. UChicago is not mentioned anywhere in the email, and the subject, sender, and signature do not purport to be from UChicago.Also, the URL you are to click is 'shortened' which is a phisher's means of hiding the actual URL site that you would be directed to. Body: Due to high amount of Spam mails we receive daily, you need to re-set your Mailbox server with the below link to serve you more better and consistently and to restore your email access. The sender didn't even bother to enter a subject so you would know what the email is about. The bigger red flag is the use of a URL shortener, as they can be used to hide the actual link being used and can direct you to another unsafe site.

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